GK Enchanted Farm, angat, bulacan

The GK Enchanted Farm is Gawad Kalinga’s platform to raise social entrepreneurs, help our local farmers, and create inclusive wealth in the countryside.

Rising entrepreneurs are challenged to dream beyond themselves through the resilient idea that the profits of society outweigh that of individuals, and ultimately enabling them to maximize social impact and create purpose with a profit. 

This destination is sure to give you a different and unique travel experience.

things to do and people to meet

Learn about Social Entrepreneurship

Find out what good business means and how it can actually change people’s lives. The Enchanted Farm is home to many social enterprises. Get to know them through the actual people behind these businesses -- know their story, why the business exists, and who the business helps.

Fabien, Social Entrepreneur

Fabien is the French behind the first Filipino toy brand, Plush & Play, sold in a major toy store. He started out as an intern who was supposed to stay for only 6 months. Having fallen in love with the Filipino brand of hope and spirit, Fabien is still here six years later, living in the home of his community business partner Tita Fe, who he now considers a second mom.


Learn about the beauty of agriculture with your hands. Rise early in the morning to till the land, plant some herbs, feed the animals, and water the plants. There’s no better way to appreciate our farmers than doing their work!

Tito Jun

Tito Jun is the funny, light-hearted manager of the vermicompost area. Everyday, he tends to his vermicompost pit while listening to old Filipino songs through his small radio. Drop by to hear a joke or two and find out about the interesting world of worms.

the community

Poverty will not be eliminated through charity alone, but also by doing business in a fairer and more sustainable way. In just six years, the Enchanted Farm has been transformed from an empty wasteland into a thriving hub for local and international entrepreneurs who are building high-quality businesses which provide jobs and opportunities to the local community. Already, the Farm has incubated more than 20 social enterprises which have created products ranging from cheese to peanut butter, stuffed toys to tours. The Farm has also built its own university for the rising poor, SEED, the School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial development.

Social entrepreneurship brings the vision, experience and access to market of the rich to unlock the genius of the poor - imagine how explosive that combination can be!
GK Founder Tony Meloto, quoted in 'The Genius of the Poor’

The GK Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan is the first Farm Village University in the world.


Farm Dormitory

Shared Room for 6 persons
Shared Bathroom
Electric Fan

Farm Private Room for 2

1 Queen-sized or 2 Single Beds
Private Bathroom

Oasis Deluxe Room for 2

1 Queen-sized or 2 Single Beds
Private Bathroom with Hot Shower

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how to get there?

  1. From NLEX Balintawak Toll Gate, take the Balagtas Exit (Note: This exit is found right after the Tabang Exit).
  2. After the toll gate, travel straight down this road until you reach an intersection with a sign indicating to turn right for Pandi.
  3. Turn right at this intersection and continue down this road until you reach the end.
  4. Turn right at the end of the road, then turn left at the end of the next road.
  5.  Continue on this road, Pandi-Angat Road, until you reach the Encanto Elementary School. Turn left at the road right after the school.
  6. At the end of road will be the GK Enchanted Farm
  1. Take a bus from SM North EDSA to Del Carmen going down at garden/Bocaue exit on NLEX
  2. Head to the Sta. Maria Walter Mart
    Get off at Walter Mart, then walk to the jeepney station across the street
  3. Take a jeep to Brgy. Encanto and get off at Encanto Elementary School on the left side of the road. There is a tall gym on the left side. This is at the corner of California St.
  4. You can walk into the farm following California St. or flag down a tricycle to take you inside

frequently asked questions

Is this destination for me?

If you’re curious about the inner workings of local social enterprises (how they start and how they operate) or if you’re looking to put one up yourself, this tour is definitely for you. At the GK Enchanted Farm, you are guaranteed to discover a different look into business and why it exists.

What is GK or Gawad Kalinga?

Gawad Kalinga ("to give care") is a global movement that started in the Philippines that aims to end poverty by first restoring the dignity of the poor. Since it was formally established in 2003, GK has expanded its work to over 2,000 organized communities throughout the country. Today it has emerged as a multi-faith, multicultural platform for nation building, peace-building work in conflict areas in Mindanao, and reconstruction work in post-disaster communities. The GK model has also been adopted in other developing nations like Cambodia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. As of today, it has changed over 1 million lives.

Can I donate to the community?

Donations are often unused, expensive and have harmful effects on the local population. Why?

  • Unfair competition with the local market (better to buy locally then)
  • Dependency to international aid (it’s only a punctual help that won’t change their lives)
  • Maladjustment (every donation should target a specific need)
  • Strengthening of corruption (the way donations are given without the involvement of the beneficiaries)
  • Cultural Identity endangered (donations coming from developed countries reinforce the idea that Western goods are “better” and the youth will develop inferiority complex)
  • You can help without harming by putting extra efforts in understanding the culture and meeting the community

At the end of your stay at the Enchanted Farm, MAD Travel will present different ways of supporting the GK programs or making donations, should you wish.

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What can we do for our country?" is the question in the hearts of many Filipinos today. It is a genuine quest for a personal response to the challenges of our times.
GK Founder Tony Meloto, quoted in 'The Genius of the Poor’
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