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Get a unique taste of Filipino Culture

Take a cooking class, visit the market or take an impromptu language course.

It really is more fun in the Philippines!

No one does fun like the Filipinos, and visiting a community is the best way to experience unique Filipino hospitality!

Authentic stories of inspiration

Hear first-hand the remarkable stories of resilience, hope and solidarity which have brought transformation to over 2,500 GK villages nationwide.

things to do and people to meet

Visit a GK community

See a different side of Manila, through the eyes of a transformed GK community. Hear the stories of the titas (aunties) and children who live in colorful homes. Cook and eat with them and have a taste of Filipino cuisine as you listen to their accounts of hope, dreams, and rehabilitation.

Ate Nora

If you pass by GK Silver Heights you will for sure have the chance to meet Ate Nora. Spending some time with her will give you a lifetime lesson on gratefulness. A little more time might grant you the skill to cook amazing traditional Filipino dishes or the delicious peanut butter of the community.

Bambike Tour of Intramuros

Hop on a bamboo bike and take a tour of the city’s historical center. Acquaint yourself with the nation’s story, dating back as far as 300 years ago. At the same time, discover the Bambike social enterprise — a business that inspires us to do things in a different, purposeful way.

Tito Bart

Tito Bart is the warm Community Head of GK Silver Heights. He leads the community’s livelihood and development projects. He is a small person with a big heart who always puts his community’s needs before he considers his own.

Human Nature Visit

Visit the flagship store and headquarters of the award-winning social enterprise, Human Nature. Discover their radical approach to business, which includes paying ethical not minimal wages, and a no-firing policy for the poor.

Tita Chriselda

Tita (Aunt) Chriselda learned how to make sweets and candies when she was young. She used to sell Yema (milk candy) in school to buy notebooks and pencils. Today, she’s starting her own sweet business with the community of Pinagsama.

the community

Poverty breeds a slum mentality, forcing the poor to a survival mode where it’s every man for himself. At the heart of Gawad Kalinga’s community transformation is restoring dignity, and giving back the poor’s capacity to dream and work towards the fulfillment of their dreams. What begins as a journey of hope becomes a quest for freedom from poverty in all its forms–materially, and in mind and spirit. Join us as we support GK in ending poverty for 5 million Filipinos by 2024.


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Jose, the village president, shows me to his house. “You are always welcome at number two Tugas Village, because you are already like family to us,” he tells me, as he bids good night.
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