In Praise of Detours

Getting lost in a foreign place can be a terrifying experience. Unfamiliar characters etched on street signs and looks of confusion on locals’ faces as

Restaurants that Make a Difference

The Philippines is a country ripe with local produce and livestock, thanks to its favorable climate and abundant natural resources. Yet despite the obvious and

Serving Stories & Hope, Wearing Confidence & Integrity

Poverty made me timid, hopeless, and afraid. It made me hungry as well. But poverty became my asset to chase my dreams for my family, community, and country. I dream of communities where no one is hungry, where no one is a slave, where no one is homeless or landless in his/her own country.

What on Earth is Sustainable Tourism?

Lately it seems like everyone and everything is making an effort to be more sustainable. We’re (finally) becoming more conscious of how we impact the

You really must come out to visit – I hope that all of you can be connected to these amazing communities…

MAD’s co-founder, Tom Graham, in his book, ‘The Genius of the Poor’

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