Up and Coming Social Enterprises in the Philippines 2018 Pt. 1

Up and Coming Social Enterprises in the Philippines 2018 Pt. 1

The fight for environmental sustainability, inclusive business practices, and locally produced goods is tough – but it’s not lonely.

In BPI Sinag, BPI Foundation gathers a group of the country’s up and coming social enterprises for weeks of sharing and learning, planning and developing, and pitching and funding. Now on it its fourth year and with the help of Bayan Academy, the selection of #SinagEntrepreneurs continues to showcase the best of Philippine social enterprise. From award-winning furniture made with plastic waste to the country’s first sports program for special needs kids, BPI Sinag’s top enterprises are here to give us opportunities to care for the environment, help marginalized communities, and show some local love in the most fun and creative ways possible.

In this week’s blog, we’d like to share the first half of Sinag’s Top 20 social enterprises with you. Having met them all in this year’s first Sinag Bootcamp, we can say that they’re all founded on a genuine desire to do good and have all the skill necessary to do well.

Auro Chocolate

Auro Chocolate creates delicious bean-to-bar chocolate that support farming communities in Davao and bring out the best in Philippine heirloom cocoa. Our favorite flavours are the Auro Reserve and Chcolate with Banana Chips.

Photo from Auro Chocolate.


Bambuhay aims to bring inclusive and eco-friendly solutions to everyone in the Philippines. Their line of bamboo straws, tumblers, and bow ties heal the planet and empower marginalised communities.

Photo from Bambuhay.

Bila Rural Development Club

Otherwise known as BiRD Club, this social enterprise provides roasting services, functional facilities, and continuous training to help individuals and organisations in Tadian and Bauko create high-quality coffee.

Photo from DTI Philippines.

Calaboo Dairyard Inc. 

Calaboo’s line of world-class carabao dairy products are fresh, creamy, and delicious, and aim to challenge narrow mindsets, end poverty, and liberate the local market from foreign brands.  

Photo from Calaboo Dairy.

Carboncycle Processing Inc.

CarbonCycle Processing Inc. recycles materials from informal scrap collectors in Cagayan de Oro to create sustainable solar energy options for agriculture.

Cocoasenso Corp. 

CocoAsenso creates high-quality coconut products without the high-costs by developing factories in remote areas, where coconuts can be sourced directly from local farmers.

Photo from Cocoasenso.

Edaya Cordillera 

Edaya’s elegant and unique bamboo jewelry help local youth find their callings, shape their futures, and address issues in their own communities.

Photo from Edaya Cordillera.

Exceptional Sports Philippines 

Exceptional Sports Philippines aims to be #ExceptionalTogether through sports programmes specifically designed for children with special needs.

Photo from Except Sports PH.

Got Heart Social Enterprises, Inc.

A multi-faceted solution to a multi-faceted problem, Got Heart Social Enterprises brings together social enterprises and develops projects through Earth Kitchen and the Got Heart Shop, Lab, Gallery, Farms, and Foundation to make marginalised communities more sustainable, holistically developed, independent, and dignified.

Photo from Got Heart.

Hilway Art Project / Inday Dolls / Fine Arts Major Organization

Inday Dolls are handcrafted, eccentric, and embedded with stories and dreams by the female inmates from the Iloilo City District Jail.


Tune in next week for the other 10 social enterprises!

Photo from CNN Philippines / MA. ROSALIE ZERRUDO

Tune in next week for the other 10 social enterprises!

Romano Santos
Romano Santos

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