Up and Coming Social Enterprises in the Philippines 2018 Pt. 2

Up and Coming Social Enterprises in the Philippines 2018 Pt. 2

With the season of giving just around the corner, these local brands and advocacies can help you do good whether you’re booking your next getaway and planning your next meal or decorating your living space and gift shopping for loved ones. (Some of these might not have anything to do with vacations and gift-giving, but they’re out to do good in the Philippines so we thought we’d let you know about them anyway.)

This is the second half of the top 20 social enterprises competing in this year’s BPI Sinag. View the first half of this list  here.

House of Ekolife Roastery and Café

Located in Iloilo, House of Ekolife boasts a 100% local coffee experience. Customers can choose their own blends of beans that are sourced from local farmers and roasted upon order.

Junk Not Handicraft

Junk Not creates unique and functional furniture pieces by upcycling plastic waste. The pieces are designed by award-winning interior designer Willie Garcia and crafted by a community the company empowers through livelihood creation and environmental protection.

Katutubong Kamay Handicrafts Company

Katutubong Kamay employs indigenous people to craft fashionable and marketable handmade accessories. Each bracelet, pair of earrings, and necklace boasts the creativity and skill of their partner-beneficiaries.

Kayumanggi Organic

Kayumanggi Organic develops organic, healthy, and delightful food products that everyone will love and be able to afford. Try their cacao ice cream and coco sugar for sweet treats or their ginger tea and homeland coffee for warmth and comfort.

NanayCare Inc.

Every year, more than 2000 women in the Philippines die while giving birth. NanayCare is creating a network of modern and technology-driven birthing clinics to achieve its goal of zero maternal and neonatal deaths in the country.

Palamigan Co.

Palamigan Co. has created an inexpensive and easily transportable machine that creates ice and frozen products quicker than conventional freezers and blast-freezing techniques. Making this technology available to communities such as fishermen and their wives helps support and build livelihoods as well as develop entrepreneurial spirits.

Saret Organic Farmville

Saret Organic is a family-run business that farms and creates organic food products to support poor upland farmers and indigenous tribes in Luzon. Enjoy their Chocoliz cacao bar as a nice snack or add their dill powder to your favorite dishes for fresh flavour.

Uproot Urban Farms

Uproot trains marginalised communities to use cost-effective and simple aquaponic technology to grow fresh, organic, and healthy produce all year round. They then link these communities to businesses, thereby helping the communities secure both food security and income.

Zambawood Resort

Originally a space for a couple’s son with special needs to enjoy and discover,  Zambawood now fulfils special deeds for special needs as a beautiful sprawling estate where guests can experience the shores and forests of Zambales.

Photo from Jar Concengco, Metro Home and Entertaining | ABS-CBN NEWS

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