Why your kids should still play outside

Why your kids should still play outside

A kid’s mind is a blank slate waiting to be painted with the world’s palette, curiosity and imagination as brushes that parents can hand over to every child. Thousands of shades come with thousands of possibilities, all that’s left is for them to play and experiment with all that they wish to turn them into reality. However, it’s now easier for parents to lure them with shiny silver-metal gadgets, limiting the hue with silver and screen radiation. The more they become connected to the virtual world, the more they’re likely to distance themselves with the real world that’s waiting to be explored. Here are some of the reasons why you need to let your kids wander.

Independence. The ability to make their own decisions and act on a situation on their own, fully aware of their responsibility and without depending on anyone, is one of the most powerful values that they can learn. This also builds up their social and emotional growth — learning how to communicate properly with people around them and handling new experiences and emotions.

Survival. Their independence would give way in learning skills outside the classroom and by themselves. Activities like camping with different people will help them attain not only physical skills like how to pitch tents, use herbs for medicinal purposes, but also become emotionally strong in times of challenges. 

It’s healthy. The world is full of good bacteria and it also builds up their immune system. In an article from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, “previous human studies have suggested that early life exposure to microbes is an important determinant of adulthood sensitivity to allergic and autoimmune diseases such as hay fever, asthma and inflammatory bowel disease. Playing outside and being active in fresh air gives them a sense of world-positivity and a childhood that most kids don’t get to experience much today. It’s beneficial both physically and psychologically.

Imagination shouldn’t be trapped in a little tablet screen. Playing outside encourages thinking outside the box. The unscripted outdoors with all its colors, sounds, and textures exposes to them to a multitude of stimulants and experiences. It feeds not only their curiosity but as well as their creative banks for inspiration – both of which are essential to solving problems!

Your kids are not meant to find themselves in the future, they’re meant to create themselves. Let them paint the most vibrant combination with the messiest strokes anyone can ever make. Let them go outside and explore the world.

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