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About MAD Market

The MAD Market is an initiative by Make A Difference Travel (MAD) Travel —a local social enterprise that has been working for and with small, local and marginalized communities through sustainable agritourism for the past 5 years. We have always wanted to sell community-made products from partners - and now we can through the MAD Market. For us, this is but a small way to start redistributing wealth & value, and to promote a more conscious way of producing, purchasing and consuming. We are also able to advocate local agriculture, social entrepreneurship, people empowerment and environmentalism.
MAD Market is a community, market platform, and delivery service. We connect people in the city to fresh food & high-quality local goods that support communities, farmers, and small, medium & social enterprises. We are excited to be sourcing from our own partner communities (link to About Communities), farmers' markets and agri-initiatives that work with farmers in the 'Food Baskets' of our country. We are also working with makers of proudly-local yummy & healthy food products and natural & eco-friendly home goods— all for the entire family.
So come, buy a jar of wild honey from the forests of Bataan, amazingly sweet fruits from Davao, coffee from Benguet, or even an off-beat banana carrot cake you’ll never find in a mall but will help a neighborhood bakery! Thank you and happy shopping!