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Gift a Tree - A tree planted on your behalf in Zambales (Aetas)
Gift a Tree - A tree planted on your behalf in Zambales (Aetas)
Gift a Tree - A tree planted on your behalf in Zambales (Aetas)
Gift a Tree - A tree planted on your behalf in Zambales (Aetas)
Gift a Tree - A tree planted on your behalf in Zambales (Aetas)

Make A Difference (MAD) Market

Gift a Tree - A tree planted on your behalf in Zambales (Aetas)

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MAD Travel aims to build forests filled with native and fruit trees in 2 key locations

San Felipe Zambales with the Aetas of San Felipe - working closely with The Circle Hostel and For The Future. (VIDEO)



A tree planted on your behalf will Feed Farmers Today, and Fund Tomorrow's Forest. 

The goal is sustained & dignified income for our partner communities. A tree purchase provides income & support for their climate resilience & food security program.

Our vision is to

1) grow fruit and nut forests which will provide environmental protection and economic benefits to the province

2) re-grow the rain forest that will reduce carbon, lower temperatures, prevent flooding and provide better water access.



According to the World Economic Forum, We only have until 2030 to avert a climate disaster which has manifested itself through raging floods, stronger typhoons, drought and hotter summers. With the carbon in the atmosphere rising we need to find ways to absorb more carbon and reduce the carbon we produce in our day to day lives. This is why we partner with communities and with you to become tree parents!


Cashew Trees: 0.015 tons of carbon per tree per year or 67 trees for 1 ton/year.

Forest Trees (Narra, Kupang, Tibig, Agoho, etc): 0.073 tons of carbon per tree per year or 14 trees for 1 ton/year


Data Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)



1. Tree card to your name with a tree code.

2. Care for a quality tree seedling for 3 years. Yes 3 years because it takes that long before a tree can fight off weeds, bugs, etc. We visit our tree planting site 3 times a year to remove dangerous weeds and vines,

3. Replacement if the tree dies within the 3 year period.

4. Coordinates of where the tree is planted

5. Bi-annual updates as the tree gets older

6. You will be assigned as the tree's mom or dad - a tree parent - with the data in our system.


1. Help reduce the global temperature, store carbon, produce oxygen, reduce flooding and lower air pollution. You will regenerate underground water systems and produce fruit.

2. You get a 10% discount for MAD Travel tours in the future.



1. For bulk buys of trees, you can get a discount

2. The tree will be planted during the rainy season from June-August. If you buy a tree outside that time, your tree will be planted in the next cycle, or you may be assigned trees that were planted that are still not adopted.

3. The species we plant will change based on the location, and on the soil. Some staples we will plant are Narra, Coffee, Cacao, Kupang, Talisay, Cashew, Soursop.

4. We work with local farmers to grow the seedlings so your money is spent on the countryside.

For questions, please email us at or send a message to +639399207627.

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Gcash: 09175855512

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