Organic Forest Honey - Bataan and Rizal
Organic Forest Honey - Bataan and Rizal

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Organic Forest Honey - Bataan and Rizal

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Pure organic honey harvested from the forests of Bataan and Sierra Madre by our Aeta and Dumagat friends. The honey comes from the nectar of several flowers, including but not limited to Makahiya, Mango, Cashew, Tanguile, Narra (national tree), Pamulaklakin, Lauaan, etc. The bees are native forest bees and are not in any kind of farm.

Our honey is not mixed with any sugar or other sweetener and you can tell by smelling the product once you open it.

Colors of the honey will vary based on the season it was harvested.

Lighter colored honey were harvested at the start of the dry season (Jan to Feb)) when the flowers that bloomed were smaller vines and shrubs. Darker colors were harvested during the full forest bloom (March to May), with flowers from Dipterocarps (large forest trees) and fruiting trees.


Store in a cool, dark space that is dry (not humid). the honey will keep for a long time. Refrain from refrigeration at it will change the consistency and may affect the flavor of the honey.

The honey breathes and so best to cover it with cloth to let it air from time to time.


This honey is harvested only during the dry season, aligned with indigenous forest management practices and when flowers are blooming - food is bountiful for the bee hives. There is no harvest during the rainy season because that honey is the food of the hive during the lean season of flowers.